The Challenges Of Loft Conversions

loftLofts can be the perfect mix between function and style. This is why many people try to convert their roof space into a comfortable loft. They need to proceed with maximum care, as they have to make sure their new living space is going to be solid and safe. This is why loft conversion projects have to be handled by professional builders and architects. They aren’t your standard DIY project to keep you busy during rainy weekends. You have to make sure your roof space has the right structure and the good measurements to be converted into an open area. In some situations, you may need to add some supports to prevent your roof from collapsing. This is why you have to hire a structural engineer to help you with this conversion.

Some builders prefer to use factory-made roof trusses. Cheap and effective, this solution enables homeowners build a solid and inexpensive roof that can be erected in one day. However, such roofs require a greater added structures in order to qualify for a loft conversion.

Taking all these into consideration, we can safely assume that the cost of a loft conversion depends on your roof structure. The more alterations you need to make, the more expensive your project is going to be. Nonetheless, you can ask for a cost estimate based on a thorough inspection by a professional builder or structural engineer. These experts are able to identify the main works required to turn your space into a modern and comfy loft. They can also provide cost estimates, so that you can set your budget. However, you should be aware that you may need to spend more money, as experts can’t foresee all incidents that may occur during the works. Moreover, you may need to fill in a planning permission application. This is going to increase your costs. Similarly, if you need to do some additional design work, you have to expect higher expenses.

As you can see, loft conversions are complex projects. This is why you shouldn’t try to do everything by yourself. The best solution would be to hire a team of experts and let them handle everything. You can always keep an eye on their progress, but if you aren’t a builder yourself, you won’t be able to get by with this type of project.

If your budget turns out to be too small, you should rather wait until you can save some more money. You may also start the works and try to get a loan, but if you don’t succeed to find the required amount in due time, you may have to put the workers on hold. This could cost you a lot more in the long run. This is why it’s strongly advisable to have the whole budget available right from the beginning. Besides, you should make sure you can spend an additional 10%, as you can never know what challenges your builder may need to face at some point.