How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with a Prospect Builder


Before meeting the builder for the first meeting, you ought to know what is required; of you, you must be prepared, with everything you want to discuss no matter the size of the project you plan to construct.

 You might be building a new home or doing a minor renovation; preparing for the project is very crucial.  

The builder credentials

When you are meeting the builder to work on the architect drawing, make sure you have done thorough research about the best professional builders and their architectural team. Here is a great article by e-architect an guide about architect that will help you to make the right decision. A builder and his team must be a qualified person who has pursued and graduated from university or college. Whoever uses the title home builder should be registered with the Federation of Master Builders for your assurance. 

By researching the qualified registered builders and architects will help you get to know the years of experience that builder has in the construction field.

Understand your needs

Here we talk about your needs, what do you want the builder and architect to handle? You must be; prepared with what you want to discuss with the builder. Be up to date with what you want to be done by the builder.

 If you want the builder’s advice about home renovation or constructing a new house, listing down your needs will help the builder and architect understand you well. Your needs matter when having the first meeting with the builder. 

What are your expectations?

Every homeowner has expectations when entering into a contract with a builder. You should talk about your expectations during the meeting and listen to what the builder will say about your expectations, whether they are viable or not. Never shy away from asking questions like, are you the only person who will be in charge of this project or you have associates you will work with you? How long will this project take?

Know your budget

Some projects require a large sum of money; constructing a multi-storey building needs more funding as compared to a three-bedroom home. Never shy away talking about money because you are the one funding the project. Ask how much will the project cost? After receiving the estimates, you compare with your budget.       

Never be afraid to bargain. 

In every project, there is always room for bargaining. As you meet the builder, make sure you bargain for the services offered. It is good to be open with your builder and architect as you start bargaining and getting value for money.

Be prepared for the meeting.

You make sure you have the above points at your fingertips when having your first meeting, do not portray yourself like you have no idea about the project you are venturing. If you show your ignorance, then the builder and architect might take advantage of you. If you are not an expert in the construction field; you better do proper research or seek advice from a friend who has experience in home building.        

Ask questions 

As you conclude the meeting, ask questions in the areas, you did not understand and allow the builder or an architect to ask you questions, the builder might ask you for the deeds, who is the owner of the adjacent building or wall?

Make sure after the meeting you have a list of things you have agreed to do in the project as time goes by, especially if you have signed a contract. 

When you are planning to have a meeting with an architect, you should always be in the knowhow of what you want to do in your project, terms and conditions, contracts signing and bargaining.