Battersea Builders – Choosing The Best

battersea buildersChoosing builders to work on your home project is a major step. If the building project is not done in an adequate standard, you might be left with a great deal of stress and escalating costs. In this post, we are going to give you a couple of tips that will help you choose the ideal Battersea builders.

Do the Builders have a permanent business address?

It is important that you ask the company you intend to work with for their address. If it’s a limited company, you can verify the address from companies’ house. If the person you plan to work with is a sole trader, you can verify their address through Customs and Excise or HMRC. If it’s less than straightforward finding out and verifying the address of the building company, this should raise some concern. A business that doesn’t have an identifiable address is more likely to be one that doesn’t want to be found. Any reputable company wants to be easily found.

A comprehensive quotation translates to a thorough builder

Untrustworthy and less reputable Battersea builders are likely you offer quotations quickly with just some basic effort. It won’t represent any detailed thought process and will usually be a ballpark estimate. You should know that the lack of attention for even the smallest of details might end up being the attention to detail that the building company puts into your project. A highly detailed quote, where the builders have broken down the construction project and presented the cost of each element should fill you with more confidence that you’ll get what they are offering you.

Requesting and Validating client testimonials

It is ideally essential to ask for contact details of the recent previous clients of the builders. Contact at least three of them and inquire about the work the company did in detail, when it was done, how long it took, the cost and the overall experience with the professionals. The more detail you get, the better. If it is possible, ask if you can take a tour to the project location and take a closer look at the job that was done. A real client would be willing to show off their completed project if they were happy with the team they worked with.

Never proceed without a written contract and a fixed cost basis
It is advisable only to commence with the project when you a detailed and clear fixed cost for the entire project and a written contract as well. Also, never sign a contract unless you have ensured that you understand all the terms and conditions. If unsure, you may want to consult a real estate attorney.

Hopefully, these few but helpful tips will steer you in the right direction when choosing builders for your construction project. Do not get carried away by a cheap quote and avoid cutting corners. As a matter of fact, never choose a building company based on price alone as the cheapest quote will more often than not end up being the one that’ll cost you the most.